Computer Class

Computers play an important role in everyone's lives and this is no exception to the students at Sherman High School. Instructor Randy Herron teaches students the basics of Microsoft Office products and how to utilize them effectively as an introductory course to computers at Sherman High School. Later, students have the option of taking additional computer science related courses, such as Honors Computer Programming and Computer Tech Assistant. In the Honors Computer Programming class, students learn the basics of MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) and how to navigate and use various DOS commands effectively. Students in the Honors Computer Programming class also work with HTML, as they learn the basic knowledge of the HTML language and begin to create their own personal websites while working on the Sherman High School website you are currently visiting. Also, students in the Honors Computer courses available at Sherman High School will be eligible to receive college-level credit for the class. Students in Mr. Herron's Computer Tech class function as technical support throughout the school. These students are trained and prepared to diagnose and repair any computer, network, or technology related issue that may come up throughout the school day.


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