The English Department at Sherman High School works diligently to provide students with knowledge they can use throughout their life. Sherman High School currently has four, diverse English teachers: Mrs. Latorre, Mrs. Cochran, Mrs. Brown, and Mr. Cornwell. These teachers work all year to create a fun, intresting, and educational environment for their students. Sherman High School offers a range of classes for students to take, including some dual credit college classes. Below you can find more information concerning the teachers and the classes they teach. This is just some general information, if you have anything to contribute please see Tyler Craig.


Alice Lattore-
Department Head
 1st block- English 10

3rd block- Dual Credit/English 11

4th block- Video Journalism
Amy Brown  2nd block- Honors English 9

3rd block- English 11

4th block- English 11
Jerriann Cochran 1st block- Transition English 12

2nd block- Yearbook

3rd block- Speech Dual Credit
Jesse Cornwell 2nd block- English 9

3rd block- English 10

4th block- English 9

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