Sherman High School Track and Field 2016
Hayley Salyers Senior Distance
Amelia Sebok Senior Distance
Nathaniel Selbe Senior Distance
Jesse Canaday Junior Distance
Zack Canaday Senior Distance
Nicholas Barker Freshman Distance
Lexie Elswick Sophomore Sprints
Duncan Buchko Junior Sprints
Sebastian Laws Freshman Distance
Tucker Martin Sophomore Distance
Ashton Rhodes Sophmore Distance
Chase Welch Junior Sprints
Ian Beller Freshman Sprints/Throwing
Colton Bowman Junior Throwing
Jaxson Browning Junior Sprints
Jordan Clark Junior Sprints
Kyle Davis Senior Sprints/Mid-distance
Brock Griggs Senior Throwing
Brian Halstead Senior Distance
Tommy Harper Freshman Sprints/Throwing
Lance Hudson Freshman Sprints
Tyler Pettry Junior Sprints
Seth Rinchich Freshman Sprints
Ben Salmon Sophomore Sprints
Dejah Busby Sophomore Sprints/Throwing
Haylee Clendenin Freshman Sprints
Megan Cochran Freshman Mid-Distance/Distance
Katlyn Dillon Sophomore Sprints
Manar Hesino Freshman Mid-Distance/Distance
Hannah Jones Freshman Sprints
Sarah Lough Sophomore N/A
Chloe Stiltner Freshman Sprints
Cloey Toney Freshman Sprints

If you have any information you could supply, contact Hayley Salyers or Mr. Herron


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